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The Ames Rifle and Pistol Club's pistol team has been competing for over thirty (30) years. Pistol shooters with years of experience and knowledge to share, together with new shooters eager to learn and compete meet Thursday nights for a pistol league matches both home at our indoor range and away at participating Clubs. See the web site calendar for dates and locations. All winter matches begin at 8:00 P.M.

Like other activity groups at the club, the pistol team members are very supportive of each other. In addition to perfecting basic firearm skills, such as sight picture, trigger squeeze/control, follow-through and breathing, members of the team also enjoy the camaraderie found in any team sport.

Experienced shooters on the team are always happy to share tips and techniques of sound marksmanship skills with new shooters. The team has several experienced shooters who are great shots and have a huge wealth of knowledge to share. While we do have this experience the majority of shooters on the team have just picked up the sport in the past few year. The “new” shooters have been improving steadily and our team has started moving up in the standings.
We encourage all team members to set their own marksmanship goals, whether it be casual sportsmanship or Olympic competition.

Joining the pistol team is simple. All you need to do is come out on a Thursday night when the team is shooting, bring eye and ear protection and observe a match. If you decide that you are interested in joining the team, contact Steve Driscoll (781)341-0160,TOPGUNSFG@aol.com or any another pistol team member familiar with the process.

The equipment you will need includes a .22 target pistol, two ammo magazines, a couple of boxes of target quality ammo, ear and eye protection. The course of fire is a Gallery Pistol Match, first round is slow fire with 10 rounds in 10 minutes, second round is timed fire with two strings of 5 rounds each in 20 seconds for each 5 rounds and a third round of rapid fire with two strings of 5 rounds each in 10 seconds for each 5 rounds. Total score for a perfect match is 300.

We invite you to come check us out. While the competitions are serious everyone on the team has a great time while developing their shooting skills and achieving personal bests. Only the top five (5) scores in each competition count toward the team score. This lets new shooters get comfortable and not have to stress about affecting the team score negatively.

Our commitment is to make every member comfortable regardless of experience or ability and to promote the shooting sports in a friendly, fun environment while making each individual a better shooter through regular participation as a pistol team member.

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